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The Best Towel Is Always A Turkish Towel


So you've heard about Turkish Towels, or maybe you've even tried them? But what is all the hype about?!

Well here are the main point about Turkish towels. 100% Turkish cotton has long fibers and makes for unbelievably soft and absorbent towels. They also dry fast and last a long time as it's a durable strong thread. Now add in certified organic cotton and organic dyes and you have a product that's not only healthy for you, its good for the environment, too! 

Red Cloud Linens takes the famous Turkish towel a step further and really aims to produce the best thick, fluffy, towel in the world. The last of the old style shuttle looms are being used in south and central Turkey to create the product that is extra thick and uses the very best material. Weavers who have learned this art through family tradition are very few anymore. As long as we continue showing and selling their work, they can have a livelihood outside of a textile factory type of job. This creates better income for them and their families and a chance for us to bring the old style art back. We hope in time to help educate the artisans to teach the younger generation once again. 


Red Cloud Linens has a variety of towels including flat-woven and thick looped towels. The flat woven are traditionally Hamam towels which were the original towel used in Turkish Baths. The thicker woven-flat towels make great throws and blankets, and the thinner flat-woven a perfect beach, picnic or camping towel as they are thinner. The thick looped towel is the luxurious soft towel you would find at a spa, but in your own home. This towel gets softer to more absorbent with each wash so instead of becoming a rag after 1 or 2 years, it will become a towel you cannot give up! 

The flat and looped towels all come in a variety of sizes and beautiful bold colors. The classic color, ecru, has a very natural and earthy feel, and is a perfect towel to begin your Turkish towel adventure. Flat woven towels in a small size make wonderful kitchen towels and table runners like in the pictures above. The largest sizes of flat woven cover queen and king sized beds, and being 100% cotton, this is an ideal bed cover for so many seasons. 

For questions on sizing or special requests reach us via email as the weavers can always do special colors or patterns upon request. We also make custom fit robes in any size and legnth!


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